Book Review : 101 Things To Do With Ramen Noodles

By:Tom Patrick

As a long supporter of the Ramen I was satisfied yet disappointed with this book. A lot of recipes were left out. This guy delivered a skeleton of what could have been a survival manual for the revolution. Cause we all know ramen are like cock roaches. In the sense that even after nuclear warfare they wouldn’t meet their maker either. So in the event that all human kind will get eliminated when the nukes do get activated. I am sure there will be some fat fucking cockroach’s BALLING. At least till the noodle runs dry. So as the ball keeps rolling following the apocalypse I actually envision these cockroaches with miniature doo rags bench-pressing tooth picks with match heads stuck on them to double as weights as they lay across the rest of the match as a bench. After getting their swoll on they retire to their penthouses to get down on a one up (ramen mixed with tuna and mayo) like they were on D Block. But anywhoo…. fuck this book. Its good read for a novice to get ideas but seasoned ramen cooking veterans will get no epiphanies from this. I’d just do a search online for classics like ramen cordon blue ,ramen lasagna, pizza ramen etc etc. Or just play it by ear and let your heart guide you through the process. You never know you could come up with something original. And if all else fails just rub that shit on your chest or mainline that juice like John Belushi would of did.

So in all Tom Patrick gets a A for effort but ultimately this book gets the…

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